Urban Farmer: Hydro Experiment, Choosing a system

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The Urban Farmer, Issue #048 *  Shreveport Experiment * Choose Your System
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“Everything that slows us down and forces patience,
everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.
Gardening is an instrument of grace.

  ~May Sarton




experiments with hydroponic gardening

Sunshine, water and nutrients yield super-sized squash in Ed Clement’s
Shreveport backyard.

A stint as a student researcher at the LSU AgCenter
jumpstarted his interest in soilless gardening. In 2011, he rigged a hydroponic
trough with materials from home improvement retailers. He refined the idea this
year and started the plants in March. Two months later, tomatoes, squash and
lettuce tangle their roots in the homemade troughs attached to a south-facing
wooden fence. Pumpkin vines creep along the yard and up the fence.

“The plant is able to devote more of its energy to
the flowering portions if it doesn’t have to devote energy to the roots to get
nutrients and water,” Clement said.

Agricultural research and commercial hydroponic
production includes more than pure water-based systems. LSU AgCenter’s Red River
Research Station in Bossier Parish grows hothouse tomatoes in perlite, a mineral
that puffs up “just like popcorn” when heated, said Hanna Y. Hanna, who oversees
greenhouse tomato research.

See Ed’s video by clicking on his photo below:




So which type of hydroponics system will you choose?


Confused by all the “hydro hype”? Not sure whether you want to set up an ebb ‘n
flow or a top feeder? Get your feet wet with our free “mimi-farm” plans here:

4 Simple Systems.

Or if you are ready to build a full-sized,
super productive garden, check out our
which thoroughly describes the different systems, explains the pros and cons of
each setup, and so helps you decide which one would be best for you. And no
matter which system you decide on, you will always have complete plans for
the setups, so you can try another system later if you want to.

Just keep your ebook resource stored on your hard-drive or a CD for later use.
Then print out only the section you need to construct each garden, and refer to
your construction guide as you build. Simple!

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Hydro Tip of the Month- Critters!

Have you found any insects in your garden (crawling, flying)? Identify and
treat them by visiting our 

Pests Page


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