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we present a resources list of some of our favorite cheap hydroponics supplies and equipment, at reasonable prices. We have made every effort in this website to recommended only the simplest, sturdiest, most economical time-tested hydroponics supplies. You will not find a confusing and bewildering array of stuff here. We use these products often and highly recommend them for your own garden. So if you see it here, rest assured that it has our stamp of approval!

Aside from our ebooks listed below, the hydroponics supplies ship to the U.S. only.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note that if you purchase an item through our links here, we do receive a very small commission on the sale... enough to keep our website up and growing! (And we appreciate and value your patronage).

   Cheap Hydroponics Supplies

We have divided our cheap hydroponics supplies page into appropriate sections. For each of the hydro systems described in our website, you will find a corresponding section of supplies needed for that project:
 Ebb & Flow Supplies
 Lettuce Raft Supplies
 Top Drip Systems
 Bucket Systems & Closets
 Nutrients & Reservoir
 Growing Media
 Seedlings & Cloning
 Cool Tools of the Trade

   Ebb & Flow Systems

Submersible Water Pump Eco 132: J
Submersible Water Pump Eco 633 GPH: J

Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit With Two Extensions: J

Giant Pot Square Black - 12'' X 12'' Top / 8.5'' X 8.5'' Bottom X 12'' High - Capacity = 4.75 Gallons: J

Grow / Propagation Tray White 4’ x 4’: J

   Lettuce Raft Project

Pot 2'' x 2'' Net Pots (Top Diameter x Ht) Pack of 100: J

Grow / Propagation Tray White 2’ x 4’: J

   Top Drip Systems

Bato Buckets

     Aqua Shuttle Manifold Kit

   Buckets & Closets

Pot 3.75'' Net Pot: A

Easy2Grow Autopot Self-Watering Planter - 2 Pot System: J


400 Watt Ultimate HPS & MH Grow Light Kit

Brite Wing High Wattage Fluorescent Grow Lamp Fixture: J

Bulbs for Brite Wing lamp:

Fluorescent Grow Lamp 125 Watt Blue 6500K: J

Fluorescent Grow Lamp 125 Watt Red 2700K: J

New Wave High Output Fluorescent Fixture T5/44 - 4 ft/4 Lamp: J

   Nutrients & Reservoir

Order your fresh GH Flora nutrients here:

FloraMicro 1 quart: J

FloraMicro 1 gallon: J

FloraGro 1 quart: J

FloraGro 1 gallon: J

FloraBloom 1 quart: J

FloraBloom 1 gallon: J

If you have hard water (greater than 70 ppm of calcium) order the Hardwater Micro below instead of regular Flora Micro

Hardwater FloraMicro 1 quart: J
Hardwater FloraMicro 1 Gallon: J

pH Test Kit with Up & Down Solutions

Reservoir 40 Gallon Bottom Only: J

Reservoir 40 Gallon Lid Only: J

Port Hole Cover for Botanicare Reservoirs (10, 20, 40, 70, 115 gallon): J

Hydor Ario Turbo Reservoir Bubbler
(submerges in the solution)

   Growing Media

CocoTek Organic Growing Medium Natural Coconut Coir Brick 1.5 lb: J

Hydroton Clay Pebbles 10 liter bag: J

Hydroton Clay Pebbles 50 liter bag: J

   Seedlings & Cloning

Rapid Rooter Mat of 98 Grow Plugs 10''x20''x1'': J

Rockwool Grow Cubes 1.5'' X 1.5'' X 1.5'',45 Cube Sheet: HY

Grow / Propagation NGW 7'' Propagation Dome 10 x 20'' x 7'' with vents: J 

Grow / Propagation Tray 10'' x 20'' Black Plastic No Holes: J

Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat - 10'' X 20.75'': J

SUPERthrive Plant Vitamins & Hormones Liquid Concentrate 4 fl oz: J

Clonex Rooting Compound Gel 100 ml: J

Power Cloner 45 Site Machine White w/Dome: J

   Cheap Hydroponics Supplies:
   Cool Tools of the Trade

Hi-Low Thermometer: HY

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer, Large Display: J

Bluelab Truncheon Meter – Measures EC/PPM: J

What's a Truncheon Meter?

 Hanna pH Meter: HY


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Cheap Hydro Supplies!

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