The Urban Farmer: Top drip system, Orchids, Critters!

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The Urban Farmer, Issue #036 * May
 Top Drip * Orchids * ID Critters!



“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s
        ~Robin Williams 



Top Drip Systems are probably the most
common hydroponics system in the world. They are often used in large commercial
greenhouses. Once the network of feeder lines is set up, operation is simple.

We like to use the popular Bato®
buckets for our top-drip systems, as they are very inexpensive, come with a
safety reservoir in the bottom, and are easy to set up on a drainage pipe.



The nutrient solution is held in a reservoir. A
pump comes on periodically and pushes the solution through a network of
“spaghetti” tubing which trickles out at the base of each plant. The excess
drainage out the bottom of the pot is collected and returned to the reservoir,
where it is reused for the next “watering”. The feeding cycle repeats 2-4 times
daily and promotes lush growth.

Visit this page to link to free plans for a
3-bucket system or learn how to order plans for a large 16-plant setup:




There are few things more magnificent than an
Orchid. The delicate blooms display nature’s most intricate work in a
spectacular array of colours and shapes. The exposed thick white roots and rich
texture and shape of the waxed leaves add to the orchid’s appeal. These unique
and exotic plants are fascinating to look at and pleasure to cultivate. In the
rainforests of South America and other tropical areas, orchids are found growing
on the bark of trees or moss covered rocks. The rain runs down the side of the
tree or rock supplying the perfect balance of water and oxygen while the roots
trap nutrients from decaying vegetation. There is no soil, in essence making
orchids “hydroponic by nature!”

Orchid enthusiasts endeavor to simulate Mother
Nature’s growing techniques indoors. As in any other type of hydroponic culture,
this means an environment must be achieved that meets light, nutrition, humidity
and air flow requirements.

Here’s an informative article to get you
Hydroponic Orchids


Hydro Tip of the Month

Have you found any insects in your garden (crawling, flying)? Identify and treat
them by visiting our 

Pests Page

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