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The Urban Farmer, Issue #040 * Rockwool * Giant Hydro ebook * Critters


“A garden is a delight to the eye and a
solace for the soul.”




Soil-free gardening using a hydroponic system is quite easy and fun provided you
have at least a bit of knowledge before hand in order to get the most out of
your indoor garden. One key thing to take into account is knowing what growing
media you will use and why you need it.

Rockwool is a widely used hydroponic growing media comprised mostly of basalt
and dolomite that have been melted and shot out of a press to form fibers
similar to fiberglass. Rockwool is inert – passing no nutrients directly to your
plants, however, because of its porous nature (97% air) it is susceptible to
capillary action which is how nutrients and water are carried to plant roots.
Its porosity also lends itself to supportive root growth. An important feature
to rockwool is that it resists microbial growth, which can help eliminate root
rot. Continued below.

Rockwool is offered in four common forms, each of which is suited to personal
opinion and specific gardening needs.

* Rockwool Cubes – This is where seeds and cuttings begin their journey to full
plant-hood. Small cubes are easy to handle and control nutrient needs. Once
plants reach seedling stage, transplantation is necessary to allow full root
* Rockwool Growing Slabs – Used as a second step in the growing process. Once
plants have taken root on the smaller cubes, they can be placed in to holes in
the slab to allow further root growth in a larger container.
* Rockwool Blocks – Larger than the cubes, rockwool blocks can be used
throughout the life of many hydroponic plants with limited root growth needs.
Use these instead of transplanting into growing slabs.
* Rockwool Granulate – The loose form of rockwool allows for increased nutrient
absorption and aeration of plant roots. Can be used with granulated amendments
such as beneficial bacteria or fungi found in Advanced Nutrients.


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