The Urban Farmer: Hydro & Weed; homemade aphid spray

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The Urban Farmer, Issue #024

  Hydro & Pot* Homemade Aphid Spray *
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Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you
to plant a garden”. 
        ~Orson Scott Card


Kristofer Schuler, a city resident and indoor gardener, thought his Colorado
town needed a hydroponics shop. So he quit his job as a certified nursing
assistant in Estes Park, gathered partners and invested nearly every dime he had
into opening Loveland Hydroponics.

“I thought maybe I needed to turn my hobby into something more,” Schuler said.
“It’s something I’ve looked at for many years.”

The benefit of hydroponic gardening , Schuler said, is year-round, hassle-free
gardening that can be done indoors with the potential of greater yields than
soil-grown plants. Some people even pump their growing rooms or greenhouses with
carbon dioxide to stimulate faster growth. Schuler sells setups and supplies for
the practice, such as growing systems, lights and water nutrients.

Indoor gardening is likely growing in popularity, particularly in urban centers
where people set up systems in apartments, but it’s tough to determine just how
many people do it.
So far, he’s had a good business response, particularly with the medical
marijuana growers. “A large part of my customer base is the medical marijuana
crowd,” Schuler said. He embraces and supports the legal marijuana-growing
business he gets, but he admitted it’s part of a stereotype connected to
hydroponic gardening.

Police reports on illegal marijuana-cultivation busts rarely shy away from
highlighting the hydroponic technology used to grow the plant. Schuler, whose
hobby was growing vegetables, not pot, thinks all news is good news. People will
realize that what works for the pot grower will work for the vegetable or flower
grower, too.

For our take on this situation, and some good
advice, read 

Hydroponic Weed


Well, the recipes were so darn long, so here’s
a link to them: 
Aphid Spray


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Hydro Tip of the Month

Fresh air

If your garden is in a closed off bedroom or small grow room; keep the door open
and the window cracked. Good air exchange is a must. Plants deplete the CO2
(carbon dioxide) in the room, and fresh air must be provided, one way or
another. A fan is a must. It does not have to be expensive, just a $15 breeze
box will suffice, just don’t blast your garden with high winds. Just enough to
get the leaves “gently moving” (around the clock). The idea is to mimic outdoor


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