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Urban Farmer: New Look * New Vid * Tips
July 01, 2013


The Urban Farmer, Issue #059 * What’s New * Flushing your plants * New
video from H-S



   “Who loves a garden loves a
greenhouse too.”
~William Cowper

What’s Going on at

You certainly must have noticed a new header (logo). How
about that? Do you like it? Well we do, and had a lot of fun making it. If you
look at the vine very carefully you will notice two nonfood items hanging from it
(just for fun but appropriate).

You may have also noticed a fresh new look to our pages,
with bold new section headings and information boxes. We’re in the process of
giving the entire website a face lift, so bear with us while some pages are
finished and others are not. However, all the really important and cool
information is still in there. And we are getting together some fresh new
pages, so please visit often.

Speaking of New


Here we go…

1. Looking for an easier way to get
seedlings started? Jumpstart your garden with Simon’s simple but safe shortcut: 


2. For a great little refresher on
nutrient chemistry and checking pH, visit this new page:


3. Which water garden will you choose?
Food for thought here:


4. Do you need an EC meter for your
hydroponics setup? You decide:



Should you flush
your garden?

Actually, yes you should!

Of course this only applies to plants involving pots, not the lettuce raft or
NFT systems.

Flushing is the process of washing out unwanted minerals, chemicals and
deposits from your hydroponic system. Flushing removes accumulated buildup of
salts, helping to achieve healthier plant growth.

Excessive salt buildup is
an all-too-common problem that affects millions of hydroponic gardens. Minimal
amounts of salt is perfectly fine, but as it begins to accumulate your plants
will slowly begin to suffer. Unless you take the necessary actions to fix it,
excessive salt buildup in your hydroponic system will likely kill your plants.

The good news is that flushing your system easily removes the salt
buildup, getting your plants back to their healthy state. Some people may
attempt to rid the salt using various other methods, or pay for specialty
hydroponic flushes, but there’s no better or easier way to remove salt buildups
than by flushing your system with clear, pH-balanced water.

Here’s how:

Wait until you are ready for a nutrient change-out. Prepare several gallons of
clean water and balance the pH to 5.5-6.5. Make sure it is at room temperature,
as very cold or hot water will shock your plants. Drain your nutrient solution
as you normally would; however, at that time gently flush the top of your pots
with the clear water so that it drains into your nutrient vat. Drain away all
flush water then mix a new batch of nutrient solution and proceed. That’s all
there is to it. Taking this precaution at every nutrient change will help ensure
a healthy garden.

Video of the Month:

Is about our exclusive grow box plans.  Click

and look for this logo:


Hydro Tip of the Month-  Spend time just
examining your plants and touching them. Get a magnifying glass and look for
bugs before they take root in your system. Play your favorite music in there.
Spend time just chillin with your water garden. How do you know they don’t
respond to TLC? 

Plants need love too…

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The Urban Farmer Ezine. Each month, we will bring you another inspiring photo, gardening quote or idea, plus fresh new hydroponics news, techniques & products.

Insiders tips to get you growing…


~Stella and Simon from

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