Urban Farmer: Microgreens* Growth Stages * New Vid * Tips

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Urban Farmer: Microgreens* Growth Stages * New Vid * Tips
August 01, 2013


The Urban Farmer, Issue #060 * Microgreens * Stages of Growth * New
video from H-S



“A garden must combine the poetic and
the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and
Luis Barragan

Have Fun With

salad with microgreens

Microgreens first became popular in California, but have rapidly spread into
mainstream America. Microgreens are tiny edible plants, harvested at the peak of
tenderness, nutritional content and flavor.

They can be found at health food stores, vegan restaurants, and upscale
restaurants with innovative chefs wanting to add color, flavor intensity and
texture to their gourmet dishes.

But why wait for an expensive meal out to enjoy these delightful garnishes?
You can easily grow your own hydroponic microgreens on a kitchen counter with
very little investment. They are fun and easy to grow, educational for the kids,
and make a perfect introduction to hydroponics.

Visit our new microgreens page here: 



What are the vegetative and fruiting stages of growth?

The vegetative stage

  • The Vegetative Stage of growth is the period when your plants are
    growing, but not flowering (producing fruit, vegetables, etc.)  For best
    results, use MH or Metal Halide lighting during the vegetative state of
    growth, and use a 18-6 cycle, or 18 hours on and 6 hours off. Use the
    vegetative nutrient mix in the reservoir.

Flowering & Fruiting stage

  • Inducing blooming in your plants is easy.  Although it varies from plant
    to plant, generally speaking you must reduce the amount of light that your
    plants receive.  Most growers switch to a 12/12 cycle, or 12 hours on and 12
    hours off per day. If possible, use an HPS or High Pressure Sodium bulb
    during the flowering process, and bloom nutrient mixture.
Remember our handy lighting guide?






Up to 2’ x 2’

175 watts

12” above

3’ x 3’ or 2’
x 4’

250 watts

12- 18” above

4’ x 4’

400 watts

18- 24” above

6’ x 6’

600 watts

24” + above

6’ x 8’ or 8’
x 8’

Use 2- 400 or
2- 600 watt lamps

18-24” above
plants; less heat and better coverage
with two lamps

Video of the Month:

Is a primer about ph testing. 

and look for this logo:


Hydro Tip of the Month-  Ever
consider getting a greenhouse?
Not for you? Don’t be too sure about
that til you read our new Greenhouse Section. Every gardener
should think seriously about the advantages of greenhouse gardening! Watch for a
new NavBar titled


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