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Set Up a Food Factory in Your Home

As a hydroponics “newbie”, we
recommend that you start with a small indoor unit. This will allow you
to easily control the plant-growing environment while you learn the joys
of “indoor greenhouse” gardening!

tiny Hydro unit

Pick the most favorable spot in your house to set up your garden. Preferably with moderate to good window lighting.

room in your house provides the most space, sunny windows, A/C and
heating? Am I describing your living room? Hey, that might be the most
plant-friendly spot, but do you really want bubbling water and bright
lights to intrude while ya'll are trying to watch Star Wars on your home
theater? (Didn't think so).

Ideally, you have a nice
bright spare bedroom you can close off when your Aunt Julie shows up
with the kiddies. That would be perfect. Other choices might be a
basement (heated) or even a corner of your home office. Sweet! You could
talk to your babies as you answer your email...

Just don't let your bedroom end up like this:

plants take over bedroom

Keep in mind that you can set up in a dark
room by providing all the light your plants need with HID lamps. But
then you'll also need a fan to push the lamp-generated heat away from
your plants (more on this later). But you do need a room that already
has adequate air-conditioning and heating.

Remember, you need between
65-80 degrees...
this is important!

If the room is too dry, you can always stick an inexpensive room humidifier or vaporizer in there.

are so many methods and setups for hydroponics.... homemade and
store-bought... you are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity.
Stick with us and we'll guide you through all the hype and hoopla...

lots of plants
large basement garden
hydroponic strawberry
hydroponic garden in basement

So you live in a tiny apartment? No spare bedroom or den you can use? Consider a Closet Growroom.

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