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For Medical Use

This page is not only for those looking into growing herbs for their own home remedies; it also has a section on medical cannabis/recreational herbs at the end.

processing medicinal herbs

If you are into medicinal herbs, hydroponics is "tailor-made" for you.
Are you interested in herbal remedies? Would you like to learn more about how medicinal herbs can enhance your health and well-being?

Growing herbs for home remedies is both easy and fun with the hydroponic method. We provide here a little guidance to get you started on a home herbal garden.

We are avid herbalists, and we wanted to let you know about a cool medicinal herb garden starter kit we found. The kit includes 3 Drip Trays - Three 12 Cell Seed Tray - 3 Humidity Domes - Seed Label Sticks - 36 Compressed Soil Pucks (just add water) and an assortment of 18 medicinal and tea herb seeds (enough for multiple plantings) - Easy to follow instructions.

Medicinal Seed Starter Kit

These folks also offer a set of 10 popular medicinal herb seeds stored in a survival pack; with detailed instructions:

Survival Herbal Seed Pack

 Herbalist, heal thyself!


We are big believers in natural
herbal remedies as opposed to the stronger pharmaceuticals doctors
usually throw at you, and encourage you to try herbs first for minor

But always treat with a physician and follow their
advice for any symptoms other than those of true minor ailments.

Herbs are no substitute for proper medical care
for acute or serious symptoms. This website,,
is not liable for any action you take or fail to take, contrary to our

This page is for informational purposes only; always seek the advice of a health professional before taking any medicines.

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Please use our Amazon affiliate link to order the AeroGarden: