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Yes You Can!

grow closet

Yes, you can grow your hydroponic garden in a closet or “grow tent”!

Why would you want to do that?

You live in a tiny apartment with no
spare bedroom. And you want a hydroponic garden! The solution: a closet
growroom. You can either set one up in an existing closet, or buy a
wardrobe (free-standing cabinet) and convert it, or pitch a tent.

[We have complete plans on how to do this, your absolute cheapest way to a fantastic closet setup, here: Hydroponics Grow Box.]

it or not, a grow closet can actually provide a cooler gardening space
than just open air in a room. Why? The lights can be hot. An enclosed box
equipped with an exhaust fan and intake vents, like in our grow box plans,
creates an excellent air-cooled vortex chamber. Perfect for your plants
to thrive!

As you may well imagine, it is something of a
challenge to grow plants in a small enclosed space like this, but it can
be done. Hydroponic huts or “grow boxes” are rapidly becoming a very
popular and trendy option for the space-limited gardener.


We have also put together an awesome Medical Herbs Beginner’s Kit which can be set up in a tent, closet or spare bedroom.

   Pros & Cons of Closet Gardening

The advantages of closet hydroponics:

  • No where else to put it!
  • Out of the way and protected
  • Complete control over the climate
  • Hides the bright light, noise, and odors
  • A highly efficient, compact system

Now, for the disadvantages:

  • Adequate air exchange must be provided
  • Heat buildup from the lights and equipment must be vented
  • Not easy to work in the confined space
  • Less forgiving than other setups. If the power fails, so does your garden, unless you are there and can open the door for them.

When growing plants in any confined space,
you must pay careful attention to the atmosphere inside the unit. High
intensity lighting creates a lot of heat, and the plants themselves
deplete the CO2 in the air. So proper, rapid ventilation is a must. Cool
fresh air has to be available, and hot depleted air must be removed.
Quickly. Or the plants will die.

   Ready-Made Grow Tents

Although you can build your own
hydroponic grow closet  from scratch, it’s easier to buy ready-made
self-contained units like Hydrohut
, Sunlight Sheds™, or Agro-Max. The companies that sell these “instant greenhouses” have already done all the research and overcome the obstacles. But some are very expensive!

have just finished a hands-on testing experiment and got very good results from one reasonably priced setup, the 1,000 watt Big Boy Grow Tent kit. Read more about it and see a cool video  showing our results here: Hydroponics Grow Tent.

But, we also offer plans for an inexpensive but very prolific closet grow box, see below:

hydroponics grow closet plans

At last! Complete
plans for a very functional and cheap closet hydroponics grow
box AND prolific hydro bubbler system to put in it!

Read all about our
latest project here:  Hydroponics Grow Box.

And don’t forget to check out our new, Super Simple Medical Herb Beginner’s Kit. Everything you need, and need to know, to get growing!

grow tent
hydroponics grow closet

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