Urban Farmer: * Hydro in a Nutshell * Fodder Systems * Troubleshooting Tool

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Urban Farmer: * Hydro in a Nutshell * Fodder Systems * Troubleshooting Tool
August 01, 2015


The Urban Farmer, Issue #082 * August,

2015: Hydro in a Nutshell * Fodder Systems * Troubleshooting Tool



 “You have to get up and plant

the seed and see if it grows, but you can’t just wait around, you have to water

it and take care of it”.

~Bootsy Collins


Check out this great infographic from Safer Brand

Organic Pesticides:

Hydroponics in a nutshell:



Start saving over 50% of your feed costs now!



Take control of your livestock feed costs and grow your own healthy, fresh,

hydroponic fodder year round with a FodderPro Feed System from FarmTek. Our

hydroponic feed system is designed to rapidly produce highly nutritious fodder

at a low cost, in a compact growing area and with minimal labor. Feeding sprouts

grown in a FodderPro Feed System will improve the health and general performance

of your livestock and reduce your feed costs by over 50%.

Contact this website for the absolute best price on an economically

SMART hydroponic fodder system. An excellent alternative for drought-prone areas

and minimal grazing land for your livestock. We will send you information on the

different sizes and our attractive prices. Inquire today!


Automated Garden Controller System

One of our visitors has invented an automated

system, follow the link below:





 Hoops of Hope (Our original Hydroponic SURVIVAL GREENHOUSE)

Alright, the hoop greenhouse is lying fallow right

now. Heat of the summer.

We are now working on the solar-powered system (off-the-grid).

Hope to release the complete book how-to in the early fall. Sorry for the delay, had

some family illness come up 🙁 

All is better now 🙂

Video of the Month:

Self-Sustaining, Economic, Hydroponic Garden



Hydro Tip of the Month- 


Black spots on your leaves? Seeds rotting before

sprouting? “Tiny moth” invasion?

Troubleshoot and treat hydro disasters here:

Hydroponics Troubleshooting Tool


We hope you have

enjoyed this issue of The Urban Farmer Ezine. Each month, we will bring you another inspiring photo, gardening quote or idea, plus fresh new hydroponics news, techniques & products.

Insiders tips to get you growing…


~Stella and Simon from



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