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Superb Hydroponic Media

L.E.C.A. makes a superb medium for hydroponics gardening because of its light weight, porosity, and inert nature.

LECA or clay balls

You've probably seen clay balls many times and just didn't know what it was. It's used
often in commercial decoration because it is clean and efficient. You may have
seen it in a potted plant at the doctor's office:

plant potted with LECA

L.E.C.A. (Lightweight Expanded Clay
is made by heating clay under very high heat until it puffs
up, like popcorn. This results in a very coarse medium; the balls are about 1/4"
across. They have superb drainage and are sometimes added to denser media to
help promote drainage in the planter.

Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

 Brand names: Geolite, Grorox, Hydroton


You can order Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate


Hydroton clay balls 10 liter bag

  • Advantages:
    Very light, yet holds moisture; Stays put; Can be sterilized and reused many
  • Disadvantages:
    Doesn't hold moisture as well as coco-coir; The solution: combine coco
    with the grow rocks!

hydroton is good for top drip planters

ball layer for top drips

LECA anchors the medium for ebb and flow

You can't see it, but these E&F pots have a
        2" layer of clay balls in the bottoms; it won't wash away!

HYDROTON is good for: top drip pots like dutch pots; good as a base layer for ebb &
flow pots.

*Tip: Rinse the clay balls before use in a colander to remove all that red dust.

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