Indoor Garden Ventilation
Simple but Crucial

Dear Future Expert Medical Herbs Grower:

We are so happy you are considering growing your own medical-grade herbs in your home. We understand how excited and impatient you must be to get started, but we referred you to this page because we feel it is so very important to be honest with you about what it takes to create a successful Medical Herbs garden.

You see, we want you to be successful with your grow so you'll tell your friends about our great beginner's kit offer. Our website is honest and simple and we intend to keep it that way. So please read this page before you order.

Creating an unbelievably healthy and prolific Medical Herb garden in a small space can easily be done, if you know how to set it up properly (and we know how to do it right).

Our innovative kit includes everything you need to get plants started immediately. However, there is some prep work you must do to your grow room beforehand. 

There are two things you MUST HAVE in order to set up a successful indoor garden:


A small enclosed area dedicated to the garden only. We suggest a minimum of 3'x 5', 4'x 4' or 2' x 6-8' for TWO bucket bubblers. The chamber must be capable of cloaking to complete darkness when the lights are off. This mask can be a blanket over the closet door at night or zippered grow tent.

The grow chamber can be:

A very large enclosed cabinet, at least 6-7' tall (and even that may be too short)

* A standard residential bedroom closet; most are about 24-28" deep and 6-8' long 

* A commercial grow tent, with a minimum of 16 sq. feet of floor space, at least 80" tall


Did you have plans to cram 6 big bubbler buckets into your closet?

Trust me, they won't fit once the plants have grown up and flowered. Our closet is 29" x 74" x 8 foot tall; and this was the perfect size for two huge Medical Herb plants.

You need to understand that when these plants are grown in the right climate and fed hydroponic nutrients, they end up HUGE, and take up the whole darn closet!

A closet filled with buds is a closet filled with buds, whether they are on two healthy, tall, bushy plants or 6 skinny ones, all squished together and stunted.

Heck, with proper pruning and training methods, you can grow just ONE plant to be as big and bushy as you like. Tee hee...

In order to have a great first grow, we suggest you stick with just TWO large bucket bubblers. A smallish area is easier to ventilate, and more than 2 or 3 plants will require a second grow lamp. Honest.

Trust us on this one. Start with this kit, then add one extra bucket later on if you think it will fit, but we believe you won't want or need one. Unless you go crazy and devote an entire bedroom to growing herbs:

Work on learning the ropes first; follow the pruning, topping and pinching methods described in the Grow Guide we provide free with the kit (pages 22-25) and you will eventually find a closet full of buds on two plants, just like we did.

The growers below realized that they only needed to use one of the 6 available ports in each hydroponic unit to get a nice harvest.


This plant is already over 4 feet tall, and this was early.
Eventually grew into the lamp, so we pruned it a little.
These girls really stretch out and sprout buds.
See the new flowers?


You MUST invest in a decent exhaust fan/venting system for your closet grow. Do not overlook this simple but important bit of advice. The air inside your grow chamber must be pushed and vented out; this is crucial to being a successful grower, for several reasons:

  • Even if you use cooler LED lamps, some heat does accumulate, and must be removed.
  • If you use traditional HID lamps, these create considerable heat, which obviously must be removed.
  • Growing plants put out a lot of moisture, which must be removed. Too much humidity encourages the growth of fungus, mildew and mold. Too much moisture can also stunt or kill your plants.
  • Cannabis plants produce a very unique, telltale odor. Either vent your exhaust into your attic, or run it through a carbon filter before you release it into your bedroom or outside the house.

NOTE: There is hands down NOTHING which causes more herb garden failures than lack of ventilation!!!

There are basically 2 ways you can accomplish the proper exhaust for your grow room:

A. Install a bathroom exhaust fan into the closet ceiling; this vents the hot/moist/smelly air into the attic. This is what we did and it worked great.

We installed a Panasonic WhisperCeiling fan in our closet ceiling.
#FV-11VQ5; $134

We installed a Panasonic 150 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fan (#FV-11VQ5, $134 at Lowes or Home Depot). They also carry a smaller Panasonic FV-11VQ5- 110 CFM for $105. See below to pick the proper fan size.

B. Install an exhaust fan/carbon filter combo inside the grow area or grow tent with dryer-duct tubing exhausting stale air either somewhere inside the house, thru a hole cut in the wall, or vented outside through a window.

This tent is using an exhaust fan & filter combo to exhaust outside of tent:

This is a nice fan-filter combo setup from HTG for $120; Growbright 170 CFM

Cheap 4" dryer duct hose works fine.

You may choose to go the grow tent route because it is easy to suck air out of and to darken them. (However, we don't like tents because the plants simply outgrow them).

As an example, this one was on Ebay today for $85 (iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray, 4'x4'x 80"):

What size exhaust fan do I need?

Your aim is to completely turn over the entire volume of air in the grow room every 1-3 minutes (quicker is better). Fans are rated in CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute.

Simply determine the cubic feet of your space (like 2 ft X 6 ft X 8 ft tall) 2x6x8= 96 cu ft.

Then get a fan rated at 96 CFM or more and you're good to go.

4" fans and ductwork is fine.

But don't buy one of these, with the clear plastic blades, no matter what they claim. It does NOT move air well.

This article explains in detail why a good exhaust/air circulation system is crucial, as well as some really cool ways to exhaust outside discreetly (such as fake windows, etc.). Good reading:


Okay, so you've got your grow space and exhaust system ready to rock 'n roll?

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