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Take A Look At These!

Hydroponics pictures

This page is your spot to brag about your own hydroponic garden!

Some photos submitted below will enjoy some time in the special slide show
at the top (new uploads periodically)

By posting you will be creating your own special web page all about your
garden. Here you can share your photo and tell the world all about your
hydro setup!

Some things you might want to include:

  • Why you decided on a particular system
  • How you set things up
  • Problems you may have run into & how your solved them
  • Results!

If you have a problem or question, please use the Hydro Forums instead. This page is just for bragging!

love this page, and know you will too. Show us your garden by uploading
a photo via the submission form below. Even if you are just getting
started. And please describe and comment on your hydroponics
experience!  Sharing your story contributes to the knowledge pool of
hydroponics worldwide. Join in our growing community of hydroponics
enthusiasts today!

You can access submissions from others below the entry form.

Now for a couple of simple rules:

  • Please be patient. This is a free service, and at times of high volume, it may take a few days to see your submission appear.
  • Compose your post offline.
    It's easier for you to type out your written information first in
    NOTEPAD (look under accessories), proofread it and get it right, then
    copy-and-paste it into our box. 

  • YOU MUST provide at least 2-3 paragraphs of story with your picture, or it will not be posted. (The search engines penalize pages with no content and only photos; this is not our fault).
  • We reserve the right to decide which submissions are posted and which are not.