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Hydroponics FAQ

Hi fellow hydro nut! Welcome to our fun and
free Hydroponics Forum. Here you will access a goldmine of information to
round out your knowledge base. There is no member login or registration
(You might just call this a “Mini Forum”).

Feel free to ask a question, write about your own experiences, or comment on any
subject posted by others. The idea here is: ask a question, or answer one. In
this way, our Forum truly becomes a melting pot of great ideas,
alternative solutions and creative problem-solving.

we strongly urge you to try our 

Troubleshooting Page
first, before posting a question. Chances are very
good that you will find your answer immediately here.

Problem still not solved? You’ll find a submission box below for asking
your own question. It’s easy and free.

Below the submission box, you will find  recently asked questions
on a score of subjects; interesting
reading and a great source of new ideas!

Hydroponics FAQ

Now for a couple of simple rules:

  • Please be patient. Your post does not automatically appear, it goes through an approval process. This is a free
    service, and at times of high volume, it may take a couple days to see your
    question & answer appear.

  • Compose your post offline. It’s
    easier for you to type out your submission first in NOTEPAD (look under
    accessories), proofread it and get it right, then copy-and-paste it into our
  • Jump right in.
    PLEASE feel free to answer a question
    yourself, or offer advice to others. We can all benefit from our collective
    wisdom here.

    We are not botanists, nor are we certified hydroponics
    specialists. We are just enthusiasts willing to help, and we welcome
    comments, suggestions and submissions from all of you! Your questions and
    answers will serve to broaden our own expertise, and help enhance the
    understanding and practice of hydroponics worldwide.

    So join in our growing
    community of hydroponics enthusiasts today! Submit below…


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