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Yellow patches on leaves

Growing tomatoes in an NFT system and though they seem to be growing well, the lower leaves are developing yellow patches but the veins remain dark green.

Continue reading "Yellow patches on leaves"


Some growers say you should use diluted nutrients when you start your seeds in your grow plugs. I'm growing tomatoes for my Ebb and Flow

Continue reading "seedlings"

Nutrient tank to Grow Bed Ratio with 50% system

G'day, love the site, for a newbie like me it is perfect, however I can't find reference to the prefered Nutrient tank size for a given grow bed

Continue reading "Nutrient tank to Grow Bed Ratio with 50% system"

worm compost tea as a organic fertilizer

do you use worm compost tea in your nft system? My wife got me a homemade NFT system for valentines day . Questions Since using a bag / sieve of fresh

Continue reading "worm compost tea as a organic fertilizer"

DWC and EBB and FLOW

My pepper plants have turned brown about the first 5 inches. Don't know why. Also I want to use my DWC for having my plant go dormant for winter. 36

Continue reading "DWC and EBB and FLOW"

Yellow cucumber

I am growing cucumbers in Coco peat in a tower. They grow in a covered garden but are outside to grow. I just harvested 3 green ripe ones this week. I

Continue reading "Yellow cucumber"

Greenhouse DWC Hydroponic Bibb Buttercrunch Bolting

Ok. I grow DWC Hydro Bibb Buttercrunch and I have not had any issues with bolting until now. I went from a 30% Shade Cloth to a 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth.

Continue reading "Greenhouse DWC Hydroponic Bibb Buttercrunch Bolting"

Beginner at hydroponics looking for advice on failing plants

I started with the hydroponic system last summer when I moved to my apartment. We are in Montana with a short growing season so I chose pre started plants.

Continue reading "Beginner at hydroponics looking for advice on failing plants"

hydroponic lettuce - distressed?

1st time at hydroponics & looking for some opinions... Trying deep water w/ lettuce; -seeded in rooter pods -transplanted in 3 netpods w/ clay beads -floated

Continue reading "hydroponic lettuce - distressed?"

White mold

Hi, I started a green wall 2 months ago.My medium is felt and everything is going pretty good. I'm watering every 6h with a 600ppm A/B fertiliser at ph

Continue reading "White mold"

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