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Hydroponic Growing Medium

Coco-Tek coco coir

Coco coir makes an excellent planting medium for hydroponic gardens due to its excellent moisture holding ability and inert characteristics.

Coconut coir is produced from the brown husk that surrounds the coconut shell.
It is composed of millions of tiny micro-sponges, which absorb and hold up to
eight times their weight in water. It is a sturdy substance, lasting three times
as long as peat moss. Coco is a great addition to the hydroponics arsenal!

Coconut coir is sold in small compressed bricks which expand 6 to 8 times in
volume when you add water; one brick expands to 1/3 of a cubic foot as shown

reconstituted Coco brick

      This is just
one brick reconstituted with a gallon of water.

Coconut coir is also called Palm peat, coco, or
just coir. Some brand names are: Ultrapeat, Cocopeat, and Coco-tek.

Here is a good cheap source for these bricks:

brick of Coco-Tek

                        Coco-Tek Organic Coir Bricks

  • Advantages:
    Superior water retention and aeration, overall a great hydroponic
  • Disadvantages:
    Breaks down after several uses; doesn't drain quite as well as others. For
    this reason, it is often mixed with other media to improve drainage.

You can mix coconut coir 50-50 with perlite to improve drainage, or put a layer of
perlite on the bottom of the growing bed before adding the coconut medium.

coco coir mixed with perlite

This is coco mixed 50/50 with perlite.
     A super all-around potting mix for your hydroponic garden.

is good for: drip systems, dutch buckets and auto pots. Not as
good for ebb and flow, as it can be washed away. I put LECA balls in the bottom
of my E&F pots to prevent this. Works great.

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