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This page is your spot to brag about your own hydroponic garden!

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By posting you will be creating your own special web page all about your garden. Here you can share your photo and tell the world all about your hydro setup!

Some things you might want to include:

  • Why you decided on a particular system
  • How you set things up
  • Problems you may have run into & how your solved them
  • Results!

If you have a problem or question, please use the Hydro Forums instead. This page is just for bragging!

We love this page, and know you will too. Show us your garden by uploading a photo via the submission form below. Even if you are just getting started. And please describe and comment on your hydroponics experience!  Sharing your story contributes to the knowledge pool of hydroponics worldwide. Join in our growing community of hydroponics enthusiasts today!

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Now for a couple of simple rules:

  • Please be patient. This is a free service, and at times of high volume, it may take a few days to see your submission appear.
  • Compose your post offline. It's easier for you to type out your written information first in NOTEPAD (look under accessories), proofread it and get it right, then copy-and-paste it into our box. 

  • YOU MUST provide at least 2-3 paragraphs of story with your picture, or it will not be posted. (The search engines penalize pages with no content and only photos; this is not our fault).
  • We reserve the right to decide which submissions are posted and which are not.

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My Hydroponic Addiction 
I have always enjoyed gardening and started looking at ways to kick my green thumb up a notch. I started reading up on Hydroponics gardening and i started …

Update on homemade NFT The next step  
(Click on each photo to enlarge) My last post was stage two of a homemade NFT hydroponic system. Made from readily available materials purchased at …

My Lettuce Table (Part 2) 
(Click on each photo to enlarge) Take a 4 x 8 piece of metal roofing to make a slightly sloped table. Put a manifold with emitters (we call them …

My Lettuce Table 
(Click on each photo to enlarge) Take a 4 x 8 piece of metal roofing to make a slightly sloped table. Put a manifold with emitters (we call them …

Basil and romaine in combined NFT 
This is the next stage of expansion for Barry's Cherries. Growing for the restaurants, schools and hospitals in the area.

cherry pie 12 days 12/12 
quickgrow canada blackbox. top drip system 2nd grow.

Memwl back with Bubbler Power 
Click on each photo to enlarge. As you may have guessed I am a big fan if simplicity therefore I use bubblers whenever feasible ans with plant supports …

Bubbler Power 
Mimosa(sensitive plant) moves tip the touch,to expose sharp spines natures way to protect the plant from plant eating animals in a small raft system …

Tomaotes on a horizontal trellis or utilzing unused space in a greehouse 
With all the floor space in a greenhouse covered with NFT systems I had maxed my conventional growing area out. But there was so much space left that …

Update in Kung Pao in Bubbler 
Click on each photo to enlarge This is an update of what I submitted about a month ago, Pick the best looking ones This is in a homemade cold frame …

Mini Bubbler 
Click on each photo to enlarge. Made from plastic powdered Drink Canisters with Styrofoam cups with holes drilled in bottom 1 small air stone in …

Hydro Pumpkins and more 
My first hydro garden! I have pumpkins, cantalope, zuchinni, tomatoes, sugar pea, bush beans, bell peppers, lettuce and spinich. I am trelising all the …

Armeanian Cukes in Rubbermaid tote Bubbler 
Click on each photo to enlarge. Home made is the way to go I have been in hydro for 15 years or more, so Been there done that I would never spend …

Home made NFT 
Click each photo to enlarge I have gone beyond the gardening stage and now sell to the local grocery store and to the hospital and soon to be the …

Backyard Experiments 
Click on each photo to enlarge. We have been experimenting with different systems using compost tea as nutrient solution, so far it seems very promising, …

Junko's Garden - Hinckley, MN 
Click on each photo to enlarge. Hi! We are Mark and Junko! We are 100% raw vegans. We have a pesticide free greenhouse growing leafy greens such as …

Click on each photo to enlarge. Pillow stuffing for grow media - dont judge or assume until you check my results :-) CFL's - 8 23w 6500k bulbs …

Gateway High Student Hydro Project 
Charlotte Trace from Tasty Harvest Hydroponics and Gateway Regional High School teacher Chris Anderson pose with some hydroponic plants. The expansive …

Guyana College Lettuce Raft 
Three months after the Great Floods of January 2005, Greenhouse Vegetable Production was initiated, in collaboration with IICA, in an effort to demonstrate …

Michael's Outdoor Water Garden 
This was Michael's experiment with the water-saving potential for hydroponics. He installed an outdoor hydroponic system by which he's comparing water …

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