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Hydroponics FAQ

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Growing sunflowers in hp 
I would like to grow sunflowers indoors in hp. Will one gallon pots be adequate? And the ebb and flow method?

Best hydroponics for 1 gallon bottles 
I would like to start growing some veggies in hydroponics. I have a dozen 3-5 liter plastic bottles (+- 1 gallon) from protein powder that I would like …

This pic says it all and droppy leafs

My tomattow plant leaves are dry and drooping  
My tomato plant has drooping leaves this happened just a couple of days ago I did not change anything jus added nutris.

Hydrogen Peroxide 
I have read that adding Hydrogen peroxide to your solution is beneficial. There are pros and cons,however, I would like to know of anyone that has used …

Right combination of NPK 
Hi All, I have been growing lettuce indoors and has had some success, but not complete success. What is the correct combination of NPK for growing vibrant …

pole lima beans  
this is my first year with hydroponics. I planted lettuce and pole lima beans. Both grew fantastic! I use ebb and flow system with pvc tubing, growing …

lettuce never forms heads 
, Butter crunch , and other types of head lettuce Ive tried seem to grow ok and taste ok, but why wont the form heads? I always clip the outside leaves …

My TDS tester 
Sorry but being part blind doesn't help. I have a Health Metric TDS tester with PPM and EC . My master blend when tested comes to 659 on ppm and 1381 …

Flush or not to Flush 
I have searched your site but have been able to find advice on flushing a hydroponic system. I am interested in frequency and types of products for the …

Yellow patches on leaves 
Growing tomatoes in an NFT system and though they seem to be growing well, the lower leaves are developing yellow patches but the veins remain dark green. …

Some growers say you should use diluted nutrients when you start your seeds in your grow plugs. I'm growing tomatoes for my Ebb and Flow

worm compost tea as a organic fertilizer 
do you use worm compost tea in your nft system? My wife got me a homemade NFT system for valentines day . Questions Since using a bag / sieve …

Nutrient tank to Grow Bed Ratio with 50% system 
G'day, love the site, for a newbie like me it is perfect, however I can't find reference to the prefered Nutrient tank size for a given grow bed …

DWC and EBB and FLOW 
My pepper plants have turned brown about the first 5 inches. Don't know why. Also I want to use my DWC for having my plant go dormant for winter. 36 …

Yellow cucumber 
I am growing cucumbers in Coco peat in a tower. They grow in a covered garden but are outside to grow. I just harvested 3 green ripe ones this week. I …

Greenhouse DWC Hydroponic Bibb Buttercrunch Bolting 
Ok. I grow DWC Hydro Bibb Buttercrunch and I have not had any issues with bolting until now. I went from a 30% Shade Cloth to a 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth. …

Beginner at hydroponics looking for advice on failing plants 
I started with the hydroponic system last summer when I moved to my apartment. We are in Montana with a short growing season so I chose pre started plants. …

hydroponic lettuce - distressed? 
1st time at hydroponics & looking for some opinions... Trying deep water w/ lettuce; -seeded in rooter pods -transplanted in 3" netpods w/ clay beads …

White mold 
Hi, I started a green wall 2 months ago.My medium is felt and everything is going pretty good. I'm watering every 6h with a 600ppm A/B fertiliser at ph …

Setting time on lightning 
I read that for growing tomatoes they do well with both types of bulbs MH & HPS do you set the lights for different length of time. Also what is the …

wilted Basil 
i have recently started an NFT system that i have Basil, cilantro, oregano and parsley growing in. last night while checking on things the basil was tall …

Planning my first Hudroponic System  
Hi there: I'm just about to start my hydroponic system using the styrofoam sheeting. Where can I source this at not a too exorbitant price? What chemicals …

brown roots 
i was gone for about a week my lettuce was doing great, my neighbor was watching the lettuce, ph got down to 3.2 and nuetrients were 2020ppm what turned …

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Nutrient & fertilizer for home garden plants  
Hi, we are planning to grow up some vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, parsley, lemon in our garden via hydroponic.. We are using coco pit as a medium. …

white lines on cucumber leaves.  
It has been almost 20 days i transplanted cucumber saplings into hydroponic setup. everything was fine untill in the morning i found some white marks which …

Looking for advice 
I am a special education science teacher and I am looking fro a hydroponic system/design that they can build and maintain. We have a space in the classroom …

Black spots lettuce leaves 
Hi I am New to hydroponic. I have black spots on my lettuce plants. How do in controle this deseas

Water chiller 
Was wondering if anyone could recommend a brand of water chiller. Reading reviews and not convinced ? Thanks!

Help! Leaves curling down, Plants not growing 
Hi Everyone, Here is some short story about me. I'm new to Hydroponic Indoor. I start growing hydroponic when i see somebody on youtube growing plants …

new to hydro 
I started tomato plants in an Aerogarden until they maxed out in height. Transferred to a floating raft in 3 gal.buckets using miracle grow tomato plant …

Slow radish growth in DWC 
Does anyone have experience with radishes in dwc? Mine seem to be taking there time, some are growing radishes bulbs some not. they are in Rapid rooter …

Rabbit manure for hydroponics 
I am planning to start up a dutch bucket hydro system this year in my greenhouse. I raise rabbits and have plenty of rabbit manure. I was thinking of making …

How long can I keep a batch of nutrient? 
I'm just getting started with a simple run to waste system using GH Flora series nutrients. I'd like to know how long I can store a batch of nutrient. …

PVC vs. Metal gutters??? 
I'm questioning the use of PVC tubing and the leaching of BHPs or other plastics into the water as opposed to using metal downspouts for carrying water …

Hardening off indoor plants before going outside in a dutch bucket system 
Plants that are grown inside with seed mix need to be hardened off before stripping the dirt from their roots and put outside in a dutch bucket system …

Contolling algae in a hydro veggie tower 
So i have a 5ft tall tower that uses a pump to flow the water from top to bottom which is a 5 gal. Bucket. Im getting algae growth in the clear line that …

lettuce life span in dwc 
How long will my lettuce keep growing? I'm harvesting outer leaves, and they still look good, but need the tote for a new batch Ive started.

romaine lettuce 
i have a problem with the romaine lettuce it does not wrap to inside on itself and its leaves are few with poor stem, although i use the seeds of this …

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