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Urban Farmer: Great Kits * Troubleshooting * Tents?
November 01, 2012


The Urban Farmer, Issue #052 *  Our Favorite Hydro Kits * Troubleshooting * Hydro Tip

November, 2012: 



"Gardening is not a rational act."

    ~Margaret Atwood







We highly recommend these two new kits if you prefer an all-inclusive approach to getting started in hydroponics (as opposed to do-it-yourself or building a setup from recycles):


The Aeroponics 8

Aeroponics systems utilize a continuous, 24/7 micro-misting of the plant roots with highly oxygenated aerosolized Nutrient Solution. This hydroponics method promotes amazingly rapid and robust plant growth (probably the most prolific system available today).

The Big Boy Ebb & Flow System

Ebb & Flow systems are the "workhorses" of the hydroponics industry. Simple, reliable and prolific, they provide periodic flooding of the plant roots with nutrient solution, followed by draining back into a reservoir for re-use.

Read all about these two great kits here:
 Hydroponic Kits


Troubleshooting your Hydroponic Garden

Having problems with your hydroponics garden?

Try our nifty, user-friendly troubleshooting guide to help quickly diagnose and treat whatever ails it.

Why is our guide so easy to use? Just look up your problem by the "main symptom", and you're on your way to the solution!


Hydro Tip of the Month-   Ever think of starting a hydroponics garden in a tent or closet? Now why would you do that?

Well, there are some very good reasons:

  • No room otherwise (create some garden space)
  • Hide the lights, sounds and earthy odors
  • The best reason of all: create a turbo-cooled, climate controlled grow lab.

Next month's ezine reveals our picks for some fun but prolific hydroponic tent kits. Give 'em a looksee!

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The Urban Farmer Ezine. Each month, we will bring you another inspiring photo, gardening quote or idea, plus fresh new hydroponics news, techniques & products.

Insiders tips to get you growing...


~Stella and Simon from Hydroponics-Simplified.

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