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Urban Farmer: Special Edition
March 09, 2017

Volume 3, Episode 15

March 9, 2017

Special Ezine Edition


Hi Ya'll!

Won't keep you long today; we just wanted to let you know that our long-promised and eagerly-awaited new E-Book is up and running!



You might recall that we put out several magazine issues featuring our Survival Greenhouse, "Hoops of Hope". Well, all the building and testing is finished; the book is finally written, and it turned out super!

It is called:     

                         Simon's Super Simple
          On-The-Grid, Off-The-Grid
              Survival Greenhouse

233 pages crammed full with tips, supply lists, step-by-step directions, photos and diagrams and lots of bonuses along the way. With this book, you can build your own insulated hoop greenhouse, any of 7 different hydroponic gardening systems, build a simple but prolific solar power pack and even a 275 gallon aquaponic setup!

Read all about this new ebook here: .


Thanks for subscribing and for reading our ezine.

Happy farming Ya'll!



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