The Urban Farmer, Issue #021

February, 2010:  Another New Site Page! * Sure to Grow? * Goodies on tap


"I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid
and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United
States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli".

        ~George Bush, U.S. President, 1990



Lookin' for hydro stuff?

Wanted to tell you about a new section of our website... "Cheap Hydroponics Supplies". We've started with a short listing of some of our favorite affordable equipment and supplies, and will be adding to it from time to time as our resource list, and hydro plans offered, grows. So check back often.

Why not have a look-see right now? Cheap Hydroponics Supplies.



We received a submission from Trevor B. the other day:

I was wondering if you have tried the newest medium on the
market. The Sure to Grow (STG). I have began using it and it is by
far the best medium on the market as far as ease of use. Just
thought maybe you could give it try. It is outstanding.

Thanks for the tip, Trevor, we are going to try it soon on some new
starts. In the meantime, has anyone else tried Sure To Grow? If so,
please let us know what you thought of it, we will figure out
together if this is the next cutting edge hydro products.

Here's a link if you want to try some of the Sure To Grow seeding cubes:


Make sure to let us know how it goes....



We are hard at work on our new kits and ebook offerings. Soon we
will be launching the following:

  • Make a PVC hydroponics stand (2 kits)
  • Build a sturdy, turbo-cooled grow closet (ebook/kit)
  • Ebook: Plans for all 4 full-sized hydro gardens in one book! (ebb & flow, top drip, raft and wick) with many great bonuses.

We are very excited about these new products and apologize for the "coming soon" signs you may have seen around the site (don't you hate that?). We hope to have these new pages up and running in a couple of months... just in time for your spring garden!

Hydro Tip of the Month

Wondering what to grow in your hydro garden? Give priority to vegetables that taste the best fresh-picked and the worst from the supermarket.  You'll enjoy much better flavor in your home-grown lettuces, tomatoes (especially), celery, spring onions and herbs. Don't waste space on potatoes or turnips, as they are pretty standard in taste; you won't see a big difference in home-grown. Root veggies are also harder to grow in a hydroponic pot, as they need a lot of depth. (Later on, do try your hand at short variety gourmet carrots for a real taste treat).

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The Urban Farmer Ezine. Each month, we will bring you another inspiring photo, gardening quote or idea, plus fresh new hydroponics news, techniques & products.

Insiders tips to get you growing...


~Stella and Simon from Hydroponics-Simplified.


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